with a human being...

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across the spectrum of happiness lies an untruth

that we are guaranteed love

we seek it and sacrifice ourselves for it

the hope that there is or will be a person that we will fall in love with

but again this is not…

we are not

we are given in the


and so we miss

we miss the opportunity to truly madly deeply fall

in love of you/the love of self

to fall in love with a human being…

a human being the perception of a perceived perception of those other humans whom they perceive as their world which is worthy to see them as they perceive them. yet at the end of this perception they have grown no further in a knowledge, an understanding, a gaining of agreements with an acceptance of a you and a self that loves you and imbues self with a kind of considered care and calm compassion that is congruent to the path on which you become yourself [you+self] to fall in love with a human being

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