what does it mean?

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what does it mean…

what does it mean to be, human?

what does it mean to be, human?

what does it mean to be, woman?

what does it mean to be, man?















observations sculpt contours on platforms

by which assertions converse

on performative apparatus

as means to say

a way to show

an acceptance of…






trapped by language

a matter of articulation on a subject

a means of subjugation par eloquence

a form of elocution raised by dialects

nicknamed slang

in-appropriated as

vulgar as




we look to words to reveal a better way of dealing  with work that which evolves this culture.

and, the words are the thing that get in the way.

we are listening in hopes of an oratorical idea, we are listening for a sound of freedom, we are listening for unknown notes -- assured that liberation is audible.

we are assured our method of defining the system, process, and operational structure of our condition will become our redemption from it…

i misunderstood.

are we assured our method of defining the system, process, and operational structure of our present-condition will become redeemed from it?

we understand.

tempted by notes we think freedom rings.

does it still have a sound?

did it ever?

shoulder, waist, sound bow, lip, mouth, clapper

components of a bell, but what sound does freedom make?

is it energy?

is it that hand of the maker of the bell?

is it a movement of the clapper in opposition?

if freedom is a bell toll, then the very nature of the sound is violence.  

clapper versus bow

bell hooked

liberty cracked

freedom rung

still here

resigned to measuring reverberation, resonance, and frequency of the toll

what is its composition?

what are its components?

what does it mean to become?








it is the idea that the lock is not the key, and finds itself in-need of an inside to work

it is the idea that the human is not the soul, and finds itself...

what does it is mean?

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