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an earth stops

when a sun collapses

imploding its guts into order

forming structures destroyed

constructing bridges consumed by flames

a fire becomes a spark on wood becoming forest

in a night remembering days in forgotten memories

lived without regret remorse for actions taken back

and love made by witnessing its creation

a moon bleeds into cosmic dust

unformed by gravitational anomalies

neither pull nor push and yet still elements

self-centered selfish long for boundlessness

a ceasing of covalence an embargo on bonds

only if they come back

soil undisturbed stones never chiseled

cries become laughter when spirituals sing

like revivals and tithes are paid to parishioners

that’s when holiday/sunday dinners aren’t missed

my table is full and we hug and our prayers never end

laughter infiltrated my sleep

knocked me out

into a genuine forever

april met october

spring made love to autumn birthing their summer of eternal light

promised her a long difficult wait and winter,

proximity as a blessing,

body remembers the curse and

watches the layers unravel and

revolt against this mad ass talk of a half hearted winter

summer watched the rowan berries mature over time,

saw and felt deeper promises

sit with me here at this gifted table,

co-creating safer bloodlines

be undone


i do not want to survive

and living is a struggle

thriving is marketing

and i want miracles

i want a genuine forever

to do it well and get it right

to then choose when it is complete

and know it as good.

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